National Wildlife Federation Certification

Today we received verification that Wolf House Alaska is now a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. We will keep moving forward on upgrading the amenities of the property to make it conducive to our wildlife.  We will also be making changes to help our moose neighbors during the worse of winter.

We like walking from the office to New Sagaya City Market  We found a new route through the neighborhood and found a house that had a plaque commemorating their certification as a wildlife habitat.  Imagine, downtown Anchorage!  This piqued my interest and off I went.  My neighbor Amber has been  working on cleaning up the front yard side yard.  This  really helped ne decide to get certified.

While we meet all the basic requirements for certification, we want to provide everything within our means for them.  Winters especially can be tough.  We are looking into the advisability of moose winter feeding.  The whole purpose of moving to Alaska was exactly this.