EDC #1 (11/2019)

Every Day Carry #1

I became fascinated with Everyday Carry  after they popped up on my YouTube watch list, while searching for 72h Bugout Bag ideas for my trip to Deadhorse, Alaska via the Dalton Highway.  Didn’t pay a whole lot of attention then, but when I got back home, I started watching them and became mesmerized.  I see it as an opportunity to minimize what I am carrying so I can keep track of it all.  So, here goes.

My Current EveryDay Carry

  • Phone case is a Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro  for my primary iPhone XR.
  • Phone case (not shown) purchased from ATT for my other iPhone XR
  •  Shevrov Carbon Firber Money Clip Wallet w/ RFID blocking.
  • Microfiber Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool just in case.
  • Multi-function pen knife.  Unknown source. Family gift.  Name other side.
  • Tom McMurtrey, friend of 20 years, handmade pen from wood on property.
  • P38 was very very important back in my day. We carried them on our dog tags and taped them down so they wouldn’t make noise.  My friend Bryon Skiver found them for me.

Now to see where I go from here.

National Wildlife Federation Certification

Today we received verification that Wolf House Alaska is now a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. We will keep moving forward on upgrading the amenities of the property to make it conducive to our wildlife.  We will also be making changes to help our moose neighbors during the worse of winter.

We like walking from the office to New Sagaya City Market  We found a new route through the neighborhood and found a house that had a plaque commemorating their certification as a wildlife habitat.  Imagine, downtown Anchorage!  This piqued my interest and off I went.  My neighbor Amber has been  working on cleaning up the front yard side yard.  This  really helped ne decide to get certified.

While we meet all the basic requirements for certification, we want to provide everything within our means for them.  Winters especially can be tough.  We are looking into the advisability of moose winter feeding.  The whole purpose of moving to Alaska was exactly this.


Coffee Coffee Coffee

Working on cutting down and maybe stopping my coffee consumption.  I’ve lived for that morning cup for such a long time. Starbucks was always my coffee of choice. When I crewed on the hot air balloon Chameleon, I was so proud of my app. I could find any Starbucks wherever I was.

When I took this image, I used both @Starbucks coffee (which I drank) and non-Starbucks beans from the dollar store as filler.  Little did I realize then that it would have been better for me to use the non-SB coffee to drink and use the other as filler for the image.

They forgot they were simply purveyors of very expensive flavored water, and not a well honed PAC.  First the race thing.  Then the LGBTQ thing. Then the 10,000 immigrant thing, Then the President Donald Trump thing.  So the conservatives showed them.  They walked in en mass and demanded coffee.  They got it.  Only to find out that tests have shown it tainted with fecal material?  Dookie?  In our coffee?  <Chuckles> I am thinking everyone else’s too?

During the 10,000 immigrant ruckus, Black Rifle Coffee Company ( @blckriflecoffee made a big and welcomed stand for our vets declaring they would try to hire 10,000 veterans.  Next question, is there a little something extra there too?  But I’m buying.


Charcuterie #1


This is my first attempt at charcuterie.  I am most certainly not an expert, but give me a little time.  My first exposure to charcuterie was at the Rustic Goat in Anchorage (@rusticgoatak).

Meat:  choices  pickled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto piccante, Italian dry salami, peppered salami, Calabrese salami.  Cheeses:   Gruyere, Drunken Goat (goat cheese, rind treated with red wine), Stilton.  Misc: A medley of pickled olives, peppers, onions, stone ground mustard, dried figs.  Not shown: pepper water crackers and toasted baguette.

Beer: Denali Brewing Company (@denalibrewing) Agave Gold (#agavegold).  Visited the brewery and tasting room today.  Found everyone to be warm, knowledgeable and friendly. I will be stopping from now on every trip I make.  I would recommend you stopped and visited.

The desert, “Moose Droppings” from TheRoadhouse in Talkeetna, AK (@tkaroadhouse).

Special thanks my friend Pippa (@pscrogg88) for all her help and advice.

Rudy’s BBQ Sause


I don’t think Anchorage is a hot spot for BBQ.  At least I am still looking.  One place had the greasiest brisket I have ever had to endure.  Most are just cook-it-in-the-oven-and-put-bbq-sauce-on-it establishments.  I started working on my rub recipe when I remembered I could order Rudy’s.

I have to admit this was my favorite place for BBQ in Houston.  We were a group of people calling ourselves the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Ladies”, High Performance Computing types who would meet once a month at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ off NorthWest Freeway.  It gave us an opportunity to talk nerd, discuss cutting edge research, and gave vendors a target audience while eating great bbq with our hands.

I ordered three bottles of Rudy’s BBQ rub and sause.

BBQ Pork Ribs


I was off from work today. So I decided to cook some BBQ ribs.  I slow cooked some pork ribs for 8 hours. Fall off the bone goodness.  Beer, Jublie, 10+% content.  Potato salad and baked beans.

Hello World!

Wolf House Inutsuk

Yay, I finally got my web site up and running.  I racked my brain trying to find a way to start my posting.  I chose this image. I titled it, “Hello World”, the first program one writes in any language.   Last year when I got sick, Janine made this Inutsuk for me so I would always find my way home.