The Head (Rocks #2)

Found it! I read about The Head in a post on Anchorage Rocks Facebook site. It was between Ravine and Bonnie Lakes. I had to find it. First, I used Google Earth to find both lakes, then started looking for the head. Despite finding something large enough to be the head as viewed from space, I did not realize how large it would be, until I got there.

How do I get to Bonnie Lake and the Head?

What you should know about Bonnie Lakes Road

  • Almost 2 hours from Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Take the Glenn Highway (AK-1) North, exit Bonnie Lake Road.
  • It is a dirt/gravel road, like we so love in Alaska. Higher clearance vehicles preferred depending on road conditions.
  • RVs and large vehicles towing trailers not allowed-though i saw both of at the lake.
  • Go a bit further to the Bonnie Lake State Recreation Site.

My First Rock (Rocks #1)

With the Covid pandemic, the guys and I have been working from home. To try and keep healthy, and actually to talk to an adult we are not related to, we grab a lunch and converge in a central place decided on that day, to eat fast, and then do a quick hike. This day, May 15, 2020, we decided to Potter Marsh was the place to be. During our walk, we spied a painted rock. Took a picture, and then dropped it back into place. I posted on the Facebook Page Anchorage Rocks, and found the artist who made and dropped the rock!