My Stash (Rocks #3)

Thank you Isayah, Aryana, and Nika for the painted rocks.

Got my stash of rocks painted by Isayah (4), and Aryana (6), and their great grandmother, Nika. Nika was kind enough to make the one on the right in honor of The Head near Bonnie Lake, Alaska. To be dropped somewhere in route so eventually it will make its way there. They deserve to be together.

The Head (Rocks #2)

Found it! I read about The Head in a post on Anchorage Rocks Facebook site. It was between Ravine and Bonnie Lakes. I had to find it. First, I used Google Earth to find both lakes, then started looking for the head. Despite finding something large enough to be the head as viewed from space, I did not realize how large it would be, until I got there.

How do I get to Bonnie Lake and the Head?

What you should know about Bonnie Lakes Road

  • Almost 2 hours from Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Take the Glenn Highway (AK-1) North, exit Bonnie Lake Road.
  • It is a dirt/gravel road, like we so love in Alaska. Higher clearance vehicles preferred depending on road conditions.
  • RVs and large vehicles towing trailers not allowed-though i saw both of at the lake.
  • Go a bit further to the Bonnie Lake State Recreation Site.