EDC #1 (11/2019)

Every Day Carry #1

I became fascinated with Everyday Carry  after they popped up on my YouTube watch list, while searching for 72h Bugout Bag ideas for my trip to Deadhorse, Alaska via the Dalton Highway.  Didn’t pay a whole lot of attention then, but when I got back home, I started watching them and became mesmerized.  I see it as an opportunity to minimize what I am carrying so I can keep track of it all.  So, here goes.

My Current EveryDay Carry

  • Phone case is a Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro  for my primary iPhone XR.
  • Phone case (not shown) purchased from ATT for my other iPhone XR
  •  Shevrov Carbon Firber Money Clip Wallet w/ RFID blocking.
  • Microfiber Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool just in case.
  • Multi-function pen knife.  Unknown source. Family gift.  Name other side.
  • Tom McMurtrey, friend of 20 years, handmade pen from wood on property.
  • P38 was very very important back in my day. We carried them on our dog tags and taped them down so they wouldn’t make noise.  My friend Bryon Skiver found them for me.

Now to see where I go from here.