N275P – Historic Hydrogen Balloon Launch

(August 4th, 2010) After a long day of sweltering heat with very little shade, I was able to take  this last, long exposure photograph of N275P and my friends Phil Bryant Bert Mann, and Dale Tibodeau as they took off on their adventure.  It was dark and pitch black.  The brightness comes from having the lens wide open for a long time.

Phil Bryant(L), Bert Mann(back to camera) and Dale Tibodeau(R) can be seen going through their exhaustive checklist the last moments before launch.  We all got together in prayer for their safety, and wished them a bon voyage.  They landed the next morning.  You can follow their flight path on Spot (no longer available).  They landed safely at about 8AM.

Last photograph I took before launch-towards decoupling from the Air Liquide truck (to the right).  The black hose is delivering the hydrogen.