Boondocking at Walmart

Went to @Walmart off Dimond today looking for a tallish plant stand when I notice a bunch of RVs parked in their parking lot.  It brought back memories of my driving with 3 dogs from Houston, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.  Both times waking up to fresh snow on the ground.

I stopped at Walmart because it was on the way, I did not know of any other place to stay, both times it was very late, and the weather was getting worse by the minute.  The next morning there was a dusting of snow. I parked out of the way, but people were around so I felt safe.  There was ample shopping opportunity.  The next morning I would have my Sausage McMuffin breakfast, walk the dogs, and we were on our way.

What did I learn?

  • Ask management permission-not every Walmart permits staying overnight.
  • Park out of the way-so shoppers can park close.
  • Limit your stay to a night or two tops-this is not for your vacation.
  • Be discreet-don’t start putting out lawn chairs, fences, plants, etc.
  • Be nice and friendly.
  • Be grateful.

For more information and help finding RV friendly overnight stays at walmart, check out their Walmart Locator

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