Coffee Coffee Coffee

Working on cutting down and maybe stopping my coffee consumption.  I’ve lived for that morning cup for such a long time. Starbucks was always my coffee of choice. When I crewed on the hot air balloon Chameleon, I was so proud of my app. I could find any Starbucks wherever I was.

When I took this image, I used both @Starbucks coffee (which I drank) and non-Starbucks beans from the dollar store as filler.  Little did I realize then that it would have been better for me to use the non-SB coffee to drink and use the other as filler for the image.

They forgot they were simply purveyors of very expensive flavored water, and not a well honed PAC.  First the race thing.  Then the LGBTQ thing. Then the 10,000 immigrant thing, Then the President Donald Trump thing.  So the conservatives showed them.  They walked in en mass and demanded coffee.  They got it.  Only to find out that tests have shown it tainted with fecal material?  Dookie?  In our coffee?  <Chuckles> I am thinking everyone else’s too?

During the 10,000 immigrant ruckus, Black Rifle Coffee Company ( @blckriflecoffee made a big and welcomed stand for our vets declaring they would try to hire 10,000 veterans.  Next question, is there a little something extra there too?  But I’m buying.