Rudy’s BBQ Sause


I don’t think Anchorage is a hot spot for BBQ.  At least I am still looking.  One place had the greasiest brisket I have ever had to endure.  Most are just cook-it-in-the-oven-and-put-bbq-sauce-on-it establishments.  I started working on my rub recipe when I remembered I could order Rudy’s.

I have to admit this was my favorite place for BBQ in Houston.  We were a group of people calling ourselves the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Ladies”, High Performance Computing types who would meet once a month at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ off NorthWest Freeway.  It gave us an opportunity to talk nerd, discuss cutting edge research, and gave vendors a target audience while eating great bbq with our hands.

I ordered three bottles of Rudy’s BBQ rub and sause.

My Friend Ed


Today Ed Gold started shakedown  trials for his #SuzukiTL1000s motorcycle.  He bought it for $400.00 and then searched for parts all over the world to make it better than new.  I followed him down to  #BrownBearBar at #IndianRiver in the #Hummer #H3 to make sure all went well.  It did.  Extra points: His “Silver Sufer” series started here…