New55 PN

Negative scan of Ed Gold using New55 PN film

Last year I bought a Polaroid 110 -> 4×5 conversion thinking it would be a much simpler way of shooting large format than carrying a large and bulky monorail and supporting tripod. loaned it to my friend Ed Gold (pictured above) who used it for his Galena, Alaska  book project.

New55FILM are a kickstarter designing new chemistry to reimagine Polaroid type 55 Black and White film. They have a number of interesting products including New55 PN which is coming closer and closer to Polaroid we all remember and love.  It uses the Polaroid 545 holder (available at New55FILM) and follows the same process you became used to following.  Note that you will have need to have Ilford Rapid Fixer to fix the negative.

This is my first attempt.  Hand held.  Learning a new camera and film.  And sometimes having to start over again.  Each box comes with ISO rating, and recommended development time on the box.  Tutorials can be found on their site, and on you tube.

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