New55FILM #1

Film Scan: 35mm Kodak Technical Pan developed in R5 Monobath.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish-Anchorage, Alaska

One of the hardest things for me is finding something to photograph.  I work long hours, have way too many things and things to plan and do.  I have driven by this church daily for almost two years when all of a sudden, last week, it “saw it”.  I looked at it from a different angle, and it felt drawn to it.  I love that old Spanish Church architecture like one sees in New Mexico.  The San Francisco de Asis Mission Church for instance.   I vowed to photograph it and use it to learn Salt Printing.

I found some rolls of Kodak Technical Pan 2415 and thought I would try that.  it was   discontinued in 2004.  I  have had these rolls since at least 2007.   On the shelf I had a couple of bottles of New55FILM R5 Monolith Developer. I liked the idea of not having to use one chemical and then another. I recalled reading somewhere (like their website?) that I could use R5 on out date Black and White film stock, so…


Friday it started snowing and Saturday morning it was still coming down. I wish I had not waited and just gone to photograph it while the sun was out.  My friend Ed Gold said, “Let’s go now”, and was kind enough to accompany me.  So we went.

Loaded a roll of film into one of my Canon EOS-1 cameras, set the ISO (too old to have a DX code), and off we went. Shot the roll, ran home and developed it using R5 (more on that later), and scanned it today (will also cover that later).

I am pleasantly surprised by what I am seeing, though it can get rather contrasty.

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